Wednesday History and Science hike into west campus, that’s our Randy Kay
talking about some of the changes to improve habitat
Custom sign created by students who showed up early for the hike! Thank you!
PLANNING: we want your ideas and input into upgrading our capacity to support volunteers,
come write on our door! Markers provided!

Changing the way we support students: clearing out under used, outdated, or
broken down books from our collection, volunteers welcome to help!
Planning: Robyn is organizing our Making Connections week, and is connecting
here with Sarah Jama of the Student Success Centre, collaborating on MACQUEST
PLANNING: OPIRG Podcasting? why not? would you be interested in volunteering to create
informative and fun podcasts on social justice and environmental issues?

Just some stuff we are getting up to this spring/summer: feel free to join in! Got a great idea? let us know!