OPIRG-TORONTO IS HIRING: Coordinator of Programming and Volunteers

One year contract for a full-time non-permanent, term position of Coordinator of Programming and Volunteers

Start Date:  June 16, 2014

End Date: August 19, 2015

The Ontario Public Interest Research Group at the University of Toronto (OPIRG Toronto) is a student funded, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit, community/campus organization mandated to facilitate action, education and research around issues of social and environmental justice. OPIRG Toronto strives to provide an anti-racist, trans and queer positive, accessible, harassment-free space for students and community members to utilize and further develop skills as community organizers while making links with larger movements in working for social change. OPIRG-Toronto also provides information and resources to its members and the broader community. OPIRG Toronto is currently hiring for a Programming and Volunteers Coordinator for a 13 month, non-permanent, term position to replace a permanent staff member on leave.  The employment term will end August 19, 2015. This is a unionized position with CUPE Local 1281.

Salary:  $21.23/hr, 30 hrs/wk, comprehensive healthcare plan

Hours of work:  30 hrs, 4 days a week, plus occasional evening and weekend work.

OPIRG welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization, and invites aboriginal people, people of colour, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, queer oriented people, trans* people, single parents, members of ethnic minorities, immigrants and people with disabilities to apply. We encourage applicants to describe the contributions and experience they, as individuals who identify with marginalized communities, would bring to the OPIRG organization in their cover letter.
The Role of Staff
Because volunteer turnover is frequent, permanent staff ensure the organization’s stability. They maintain the organization’s integrity, assist volunteers in their activism and networking, and facilitate problem solving to address internal structural deficiencies.

OPIRG Toronto is located on a university campus and follows four-month semester university cycle. Workload varies depending on the time of year. Evening and weekend work is expected and is regulated by the collective agreement. The work environment has little day-to-day supervision. The Volunteer and Programming Coordinator works cooperatively with the Administration and Finances Coordinator, in continual consultation with OPIRG volunteers. Both staff members provide monthly reports to the Board of Directors.

•                An explicit, integral and dedicated commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression
•                Ability to prioritize work and manage numerous tasks simultaneously
•                Ability to work well with students and volunteers
•                Experience coordinating projects, campaigns and events
•                Experience creating promotional and educational materials
•                Familiarity with social justice and environmental issues and their interconnections
•                Self-directed and ability to take initiative in a loosely structured and unsupervised, dynamic work environment
•                Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
•                Understanding of consensus decision-making and ability to work with this framework in groups
•                Ability to apply an anti-oppression analysis to all levels of organizing and decision-making
•                Experience with popular education and skills sharing 

•                Ability to research, design and execute workshops for the purposes of popular education/information sharing
•                Experience with web design and development
•                Design skills (InDesign, Photoshop, etc.)
•                Familiarity with social justice campaign work and campus-based organizing
•                Experience with Ontario Public Interest Research Groups

With the support of the Board of Directors and staff, these are some of the core responsibilities of the Coordinator of Programming and Volunteers:
Outreach and Communication:
•                Design and execute recruitment and outreach campaigns
•                Write and design posters, ads, community service announcements, promotional pamphlets and other information materials
•                Respond to all volunteer-related inquiries
•                Network with campus/community groups on common issues and campaigns; serve as primary OPIRG representative to community and campus coalitions
•                Coordinate production of the bi-annual newsletter Action Speaks Louder
Recruitment, Orientation and Volunteer Placement
•                Organizing new members orientation meetings, OPIRG Open House, office and resource library orientations
•                Assist with Board orientation
•                Provide guidance to volunteers in accordance with OPIRGstructure, policies, procedures, etc.

•                Facilitate/coordinate anti-oppression training
•                Provide ongoing support for board and volunteer skill development
•                Develop and manage the Tools for Change skills-sharing workshop series

Supervision, Tracking and Evaluation of Volunteers:
•                Ensure that volunteers and action groups maintain the integrity of the organization, understand and adhere to OPIRG’s policies and procedures
•                Encourage volunteers to provide ongoing feedback about organization

Programming and Action Groups:
•                Provide ongoing assistance to volunteers and action group initiatives
•                Assist volunteers in the production of posters, pamphlets and outreach materials
•                Liaise with campus groups for planning joint activities and coalition building
•                Organize and coordinate events, including Disorientation Week, our annual radical orientation in September

Participating in Decision-Making:
•                Attend board and staff meetings, relevant working group and committee meetings, and OPIRG provincial meetings
•                Assist in policy development and implementation

Organizational Development:
•                Work to strengthen cooperation between OPIRG-Toronto volunteers, volunteers at other PIRGs, and city and campus-based coalitions and campaigns
•                Provide monthly staff reports to the Board
•                Provide annual reports to the OPIRG membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
•         Assist the OPIRG Administrative Coordinator with preparation for the AGM
•         Familiarize yourself with all OPIRG Memorandums of Agreement (MOA)

Employment Terms:
This is a full-time term (non-permanent) staff position with 30 hours per week at a rate of $21.23/hour with extended health care and benefits as defined under the Collective Agreement. As this is a temporary position to replace a permanent staff member on leave, the non-permanent staff member will not be entitled to grieve the termination of this term contract. All newly hired employees shall be considered to be on probation for 6 months from the commencement date of employment.
How to Apply:
Applicants must provide a resume, cover letter and one-page statement explaining your perspective on “Community organizing and working through oppression and privilege.” This statement is intended to give the hiring committee an idea of what community organizing experience you’ve done and how you locate/understand yourself within that work. Applications that do not include this statement will not be considered.

Please send your resumecover letter and statement by 6 PM Tuesday May 20th, 2014 toopirgtohire@gmail.com.

OPIRG Toronto thanks all applicants, but only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Should an interview candidate be unable to attend the interview in person, we can likely accommodate with an alternative arrangement. Please indicate in your cover letter if you think such accommodations will be necessary.