Keisha from Fossil Free McMaster working group live from Supercrawl Saturday on CFMU
Lindsay and James of CFMU broadcasting live from Homegrown Hamilton
during Supercrawl 2013

On Saturday, OPIRG McMaster was invited by CFMU to come and talk about the good work we do, and were honoured to be part of their live broadcast from Supercrawl 2013.

The friendly habitat of Homegrown Hamilton on King William was the venue. Keisha represented her working group Fossil Free McMaster, and Coordinator of Volunteers Randy Kay played a game with our hosts as a way of introducing our 15 working groups to listeners. 

Lindsay and James are helping McMaster link with the community through CFMU’s active support for local initiatives, and by their willingness to be where the action is: McMaster is well represented through our campus station! Thanks for the opportunity!