L-R Alejandro, Tyra, Annilee

Elected at our Annual General Meeting April 1 to constitute our board of directors were new members, all full time undergraduates:

  1. Lina Assi 
  2. Annilee Baron 
  3. Zafrin Islam 
  4. Tyra Lennie 
  5. Jonathon Patterson 
  6. Alejandro Ramos 

They join members of the previous board serving 2 year terms:

  1. Diana Elborno 
  2. Peter Hutton (Community member) 
  3. Lindsay Stitt 
  4. Romita Sur 

and re-elected community board members

  1. Kojo Damptey (Community member) 
  2. Isabelle Dobronyi (Community member)