The kind of early September Thursday a volunteer coordinator loves: lots of visitors:
– Volunteer Zafrin came in and entered e-mails collected at clubs fest to our web site
– A current board member and a former board member came to the office to catch up on news, and oh, brought Randy a coffee from Union Market (black, dark roast)
– Rachael and later Allison picked up their volunteer shirts for Making Connections week
– Jake from Food Not Bombs! came and updated Randy about their plans, and registered for the orientation
– Conner from Fossil Free McMaster came by to ask some questions and generate some ideas
– Some students interested in opting out came by (Opt out begins Monday, September 15 after drop and add, and ends Friday October 3) and stayed to hear about how OPIRG uses the $7.65 fee to support student engagement in social and environmental issues.
– Sara came by to see if we needed any volunteer help, and got the full OPIRG orientation by staying in the office to be a part of it
– Krista, our summer student from the Street Tree Project came in to say hi and show off her scrapes from a recent bike wipe-out
 -Carol Wood from Chaplaincy came by to sign out our data projector for an upcoming event
– some time after 2pm Randy had lunch
– I might be forgetting something….
– and then Gail from MISCA
– and then Stephanie to pick up here volunteer shirt for Making Connections!
– oh, and Mary Beth, our long time friend from Community Volunteer Action!

This child did not visit OPIRG today, she was
too busy making calls.