Plastics Campaign from Organizations

Here is a list of non-profit, non-governmental organizations, some being international that promote and advocate a plastic campaign. These websites are factual, and offers free educational toolkits on everything you need to know about the life-cycle of plastic, and a calculator to minimize your plastic usage. These organizations also provide access to webinars, and podcasts. You can also take action by joining a community of passionate environmental leaders of discussing emerging problems of plastics regionally, taking up challenges such as #stopsucking to spread awareness of the impact of straws in marine animals or donating to Earth Day Network’s campaign. More specifically, by signing petitions and pledges, your message will be forwarded to governments, businesses, and corporations in order to push cities to adopt a global framework on reducing plastic pollution. Through grassroots initiatives and as consumers, it is possible to reduce our own personal plastic products, and on a large scale, we can urge stronger policies for producers to have extended responsibility of recycling plastic products.