Random assortment of quotes from this morning’s discussion.
“All politics are relational”

Councillor Johnson

“Half of politics is showing up”
Meeting with a politician?: “Have an ask”

Councillor Green

Students could have a candidate and have representation at all levels of government (i.e. McMaster)
“It matters whether you are a constituency or not”
“Need to elevate the conversation, get it in the news cycle”
“People who [complain about] students contact me everyday: Students don’t.”
Meeting with a politician?: have a plan, don’t think the councillor is going to do all your work for you.
Look at what committees councillors sit on and how they vote, committees can give you insight into who will support (or not support) your issue.
Easiest to reach politicians at Municipal level

Host Sunia from Global Citizenship Collective working group (L) with
councillors Green and Johnson, and some student and community guests

Thankful for the insights and sharing of both councillors Green and Johnson, really appreciated all the perspectives on making change happen!