Elves are not the only ones busy during this time of year. OPIRG’s workshop has the ingredients ready to create our fall/winter newsletter for the start of 2nd term. What you will find:

  • student volunteers dipping into our paper archives to digitize our history in our History Archive Project
  • a new working group, Sustainable Happiness, invites Juby Lee of Environment Hamilton to talk about the importance of supporting local food producers
  • Rebekah Roy interviews Dr. Waddington about how he is engaging his students in hydrology research in the McMarsh project in west campus 
  • Brandi Lee MacDonald updates on the beehive project
  • OPIRG’s Coordinator of Volunteers Randy Kay lays out a vision for a re-energized Resource Centre space
  • Jane Zhang wraps it up with sustainable wrapping paper.
Amina and Brandi Lee at OPIRG Resource Centre presenting on beehive
project, Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014
There are lots of things being prepared for the 2nd term, so make sure you are plugged in to OPIRG through opirg.ca, instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc.
Happy holidays!