Sustainable Groceries

Co-ops are local grocery stores that are consumer-owned that serve environmental, social and economic benefits, unlike conventional chain grocery stores that are privately or investor owned. Co-ops typically carry fresh, organic food that are packaged in much less plastic, and generate very minimal waste through the use of recyclables, compostables, biodegradables, or carrying bulk items in which customers bring their own containers. The food originate from local farmers that practice ethical treatments to their animals such as hormone and GMO free, cage-free, free-run chickens and more. They also carry products made in small batches from other locally-owned businesses. Everyone is open to shop at The Mustard Seed, as well as providing ownership privileges for a fee, in which a household (anyone sharing a dwelling) can vote for business practices, negotiate services, attend workshops, and have savings on all items.

Watch the interview, as Stacey, who is the operations team lead explains the goals of giving back to the community, the transparency of where our food comes from, and how the Co-op minimizes waste. Make sure to bring your own container as most of their cleaning supplies, such as shampoo are in large pumps, and to scoop their bulk foods. DIY (Do it Yourself) grinding stations are present for peanut butter and coffee beans. You can find alot of sustainable packaging such as beeswax wraps, laundry powder stored in paper bags, and an entire ready to make soup ingredients in a jar.

Check out their website for more information!