Powwow Etiquette
Powwows are fun but also sacred events. This is a general guideline for behaviour; different regions may have different variations. Please respect these protocols in order to ensure an enjoyable time for everyone.
  • Drug and alcohol use is prohibited.
  • Please listen to the MC (Master of Ceremonies). If you have questions at any time about procedures, don’t hesitate ask the MC.
  • Pictures and recordings (audio and visual) are prohibited during prayers, Flag and Honour songs, and any other songs as indicated by the MC.
  • Guests are also asked to remove their headwear during certain songs, unless said headwear has an eagle feather in it.
  • Visitors are permitted to dance and take pictures during Intertribal songs. The MC will indicate when the song is Intertribal.
  • Recordings (video and audio, etc.) require the prior permission of the person or group you are recording.
  • The dancers’ outfits are called “regalia”. Please do not touch any regalia without permission.
  • If you see a dropped eagle feather or a piece of regalia on the ground, please inform the MC, a dancer, or a member of the pow wow committee.  A specific song will be sung to retrieve the fallen feather.
  • Please stay out of the dancing area and do not crowd around the drummers. Children are welcome but should refrain from entering the dancing area.
  •  Please respect the area and put all garbage and recyclables in the appropriate containers.

General credit to: Three Fires Homecoming and Queen’s University powwow etiquette.