OPIRG McMaster keeps a supply of maps available just outside our office in the McMaster Student Centre (room 229) for people to pick up free.

The City of Hamilton Bike route maps, as well as the City of Hamilton Waterfalls maps are very popular, and it has become routine to have to replenish the supply as they disappear fast.

This is a very good thing to see happening, since the maps make it easier to explore the city using sustainable transportation, and the conservation areas are easily accessed by bike or transit.

McMaster is well situated within easy striking distance for anyone who wants to enjoy the fruits of the city, but not have to use a car.

We also supply the City of Burlington bike route maps.

So come and take one of these free maps (and thank the city and the conservation authority for providing them for free!) and get out there!

(watch for OPIRG sponsored guided hikes in the fall)