by Yvette Robichaud

Why would you spend 6 hours playing Call of Duty in your basement when you could be Making Connections at McMaster University?  We’re talking Speed Friending (like speed dating, but for platonic relations), a bike-in movie (a queer rock musical), a ‘PIRG talk (a TED talk, with an opportunity for projects to win $1000 in funding), print-making workshops (poster, card and button making) and so much more! And it is all happening a week after Welcome Week at…”Making Connections: OPIRG McMaster’s Social Justice and Environment Week”.

OPIRG is basically a group of people who care about the environment, happiness, political issues, social justice, poverty, LGQBT rights, gender equality and making the most of the resources in a community.

Making Connections is your ticket to connecting to cool events and people.

  Where else will you Stich n Bitch (knit/crotchet/weave and vent) or Take Back the Night? No, I am not referring to a certain song by Justin Timberlake. Take Back the Night involves walking down the streets of downtown Hamilton for women and their rights, in protest of everyday struggles and restrictions they face. Be sure to check out the PIRGmazing Race on the Mac campus because you love scavenger hunts and you can pretend you’re on TV. I’m not even done. There are so many things going on, so make sure you stay up to date -OPIRG McMaster is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

 Making Connections is Welcome Week with a touch of jalapeno, offering students events to connect with others passionate about social justice and environmental issues. Everyone is encouraged to attend- whether you are from McMaster or not, whether this is your first year or your graduating year, come on out September 14-19 2015!!