Keeping with the theme of the OPIRG Resource Centre upgrading to use our small space more functionally, here’s a great article about what libraries are doing to reinvent themselves. Some themes resonate, here are a couple quotes to ponder:

Sari Feldman, president-elect of the American Library Association, says in the future libraries “will be less about what we have for people and more about what we do for people.”

For Danish architect Morten Schmidt, whose firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen designed the Halifax library with its Nova Scotia partners, Fowler, Bauld & Mitchell, modern libraries are “much more places for social gathering.”

Read the full article in the Globe and Mail here:

  • Do you see ways OPIRG McMaster could become a place for social gathering? 
  • What could OPIRG “do for people” out of our office that we aren’t doing now?
 Let us know in the comments!