WORKSHOP: Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

time Time Begins at November 20th 10:00 AM, 2010
Ends at November 20th 04:00 PM, 2010
time Location NEW LOCATION! Atrium, McMaster University Student Centre
time Organizers opirg mcmaster
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Creative Protest and Civil Disobedience
A Hands-On Workshop on the Empowering, Transformative Power of Nonviolent Direct Action

Positive changes in the world have often relied on nonviolent civil disobedience to achieve their goals, yet very few people have a practical understanding of the tactics and methods of this dynamic and powerful approach to social change.
This day-long workshop will be a hands-on learning experience that participants will value as they think about ways to carry out their work in social and environmental issues – from workers’ rights and global solidarity movements for justice, to climate change and a host of local issues, nonviolent civil disobedience broadens the scope of possibilites.
Learn about your rights, how to deal with opponents, how to protect one another, examples of creative protests using nonviolence, the arrest experience, and the courts, where many nonviolent practitioners have found success in winning case law to broaden the scope of nonviolent resistance in Canada and beyond.
This workshop is facilitated by Matthew Behrens of Homes Not Bombs, and the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada. Behrens has been described as “an inspiration” by legendary civil rights activist David Dellinger. Behrens has been arrested numerous times for bold and creative acts of nonviolent civil disobedience on issues of peace, social justice and the environment.
Please pre-register for this workshop by e-mailing – space is limited