By Chenchen Xu, OPIRG McMaster

Hamilton is made up of multiple small communities. Many have offered newspapers to help locals keep up with events happening around Hamilton. This is a great way of keeping informed about the different issues to tackle in Hamilton! Here are some featured papers for the week:

Sherman Hub News

Sherman Hub News is a volunteer-run newspaper with the mission of connecting and engaging the neighbourhood; it hopes to facilitate the coming together of the community in order to achieve a positive change. The paper is delivered door-to door to around 10,000 Hamilton residents to provide them with information on local issues around them.

Current Issue explored topics including:

  • “Are you throwing that out” – an article about what to do with items such as abandoned furniture and cloth in Hamilton
  • “Tips for a healthier season”
  • “Why Hamiltonians need to know about Electoral Reform”

For more information on the newspaper or to read current issues, please visit:

The Point

The Point is also a volunteer-run newspaper. The newspaper is targeted towards the residents of Crown Point Hub, Hamilton, and towards the general public who wants to learn more about this neighbourhood. This neighbourhood area includes: Delta West, Delta East, Crown Point West, Crown Point East and the Industrial Sector between Gage and Kenilworth Avenues. The Point aims to positively represent the diverse community of Crown Point Hub.

Current Issues explored topics including:

  • “Lights! Camera! Action! at the Hamilton Film Centre”
  • “A SoBi success story”
  • “How age friendly is Crown Point?”

For more information on the newspaper or to read current issues, please visit:

North End Breezes

North End Breezes like the others, is a volunteer-run newspaper. It publishes monthly with the goal of providing North End residents with a sense of community and awareness by keeping them up-to-date with various organizations, local businesses, volunteer opportunities, services, and events taking place within the neighbourhood. Monthly, there are 4,200 newspapers produced and available.

Current Issues explored topics including:

  • “Alzheimer’s Awareness Month”
  • “St. Lawrence Turkey Roll: A Unique North End Tradition”
  • “NENA Advises on Four New Developments on James Street North”

For more information on the newspaper or the monthly features, please visit: