WPIRG Coordinator of Programming & Volunteer Support
Deadline for Submissions is Monday July 16th, 2007 at 10:00am

WPIRG is seeking a dynamic, personable, and creative individual who
has a life-long interest in issues of social and environmental
justice to fill the permanent position of “Coordinator of Programming
and Volunteer Support”.

The Organization
WPIRG is a student funded and directed organization that provides
support for students to research, educate, and take action on
environmental and social justice issues. WPIRG endeavours to foster a
non-hierarchical working environment by following consensus
decision-making processes. WPIRG strives to be an anti-oppressive
working environment by proactively opposing all forms of oppression
such as those based on gender, race, class, sexual preference, age,
cultural heritage/ethnicity, religion, gender orientation, and

WPIRG has a high turnover in volunteers and the two permanent staff
provide continuity and stability in this ever-changing organization.
They carry out critical support work that maintains the integrity of
the organization, assist volunteers in their activism, and provide
connections to other activists and organizations. WPIRG is a small
office environment and the two staff work collaboratively and share
some responsibilities. The primary support for staff is each other.

The Position
The Coordinator of Programming and Volunteer Support is a permanent
full time position with a 6 month probationary period; 40 hours per
week at a rate of $18.42 per hour, with extended benefits. Permanent
staff are members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
Local 1281. The anticipated employment start date is August 13th,

Because WPIRG is located on a university campus, it follows the
cycles of university life – four month terms (the busiest terms being
Sep-Dec and Jan-Apr with the slowest term being May-Aug). Within
each term, another cycle exists, with the beginning of term being the
most active and the end of term quieter. There may be some overtime
accumulated at the beginning of the Fall and Winter terms, which can
often be taken off at the end of term or during the summer term.
Work time allocated to the various areas of responsibility will vary
greatly, depending on the time of term. Evening and some weekend work
is expected.

The primary work of the Coordinator of Programming and Volunteer
Support fall into two categories – 1) to directly support the
activism of volunteers and 2) to organize events, including those
determined through the strategic direction of the Board and the
Coordinator of Projects and Organizational Development. Working in
consultation with the other staff, primary responsibilities will
include volunteer recruitment, orientation, tracking and support, and
event planning and delivery.

Additionally, this position is to assist in the continuing
development and maintenance of an organizational infrastructure that
indirectly supports the work of volunteers, which may include
organizational planning, policy development, grant writing, training
development and office & library maintenance.

Integral to the further improvement in WPIRG’s ability to meet its
mandate is continuous consultation with volunteers, especially the
Board of Directors, and the Coordinator of Projects and
Organizational Development, in developing new approaches and
solutions in all areas. Specific objectives and responsibilities may
be articulated by the Board of Directors in work plans that are
developed and approved by the Board from time to time – additional
responsibilities may also be added.


Essential Skills
– Demonstrated interest and experience in social and environmental
justice and familiarity with contemporary issues and their
– Experience coordinating volunteers
– Experience coordinating and promoting events & projects
– Self-direction and ability to take initiative in a dynamic work environment
– Ability to prioritize work and manage numerous tasks simultaneously
– Excellent problem solving capacity in a fast paced environment
– Excellent collaborative skills
– Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
– Demonstrated skills and training in inclusive process: theory and
practice of consensus decision-making; group dynamics; and conflict
– Anti-oppression analysis and proficiency in applying this
throughout your work
– Demonstrated ability to work well with students, volunteers, and
co-workers in a collaborative way
– Ability to create promotional materials
– Familiarity with a university/college environment

Beneficial skills (but not required)
– Ability to give workshops
– Experience with not-for-profit organizations
– Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite
– Ability to update websites
– Experience writing and administering grants

How to Apply
WPIRG welcomes the contributions that individuals from marginalized
communities bring to our organization, and invites aboriginal people,
people of colour, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered
people, trans-sexuals, intersexed people, working class people,
single parents, members of ethnic minorities, immigrants and people
with disabilities to apply.

We encourage applicants to describe in their cover letter the
contributions and experiences they, as individuals who identify with
marginalized communities, would bring to WPIRG.

Also in their cover letter, all applicants are asked to provide a
brief statement on their views of power and oppression.

Applicants must provide a resume with 3 references, a cover letter,
and a response, no longer than 500 words, to 1 of the following
– What role do social change agents play in engaging marginalized communities?
– Why is volunteerism with social change agencies important in the
lives of students?

Deadline for Submissions is Monday July 16th, 2007 at 10:00am

Deliver submissions to The Hiring Committee, WPIRG, Student Life
Centre room 2139, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1;
or email applications to jobs@wpirg.org

Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.