A chance to join the circle of OPIRG working groups – applications are open for 2nd term start-ups for volunteer groups wishing to work on social justice and/or environmental issues – if you have an issue that’s not being addressed that meets opirg’s mandate, you can apply to start a new working group – all working groups receive funding and support from OPIRG’s office, board of directors, staff, and other working groups.


Check http://www.opirg.ca/working_groups to start the process.Deadline for applications is 12 noon, Thursday, January 13, 2011.
OPIRG accepts applications for Working Groups in the fall and again at the start of the winter term. Applications are reviewed by our Board of Directors who meet with applicants to ask questions about the proposal before deciding which groups will be accepted.
  • Start by reading the OPIRG McMaster WORKING GROUP POLICY (Read it here)
  • Fill our our online applicationĀ here. (Please read the working group policy before applying.)
  • You will meet with our Board of Directors for an interview, after which the Board will approve or deny your proposed group