Over the years students have brought important issues to OPIRG McMaster. They don’t just drop the issue at the door of the Resource Centre, they start working groups.

Working Groups are supported by OPIRG to take action. Recruit new volunteers, book rooms, use the opirg resource like our button maker, photocopier, projector, and make connections to other campus and community groups, that’s how we get change.
Do you want to save the turtles of Cootes from getting run over by cars? Start a working group.
Currently we have 13 issue-based working groups tackling a wide range of issues. Check them out at opirg.ca/groups. In the past groups have taken on waste reduction, campus recycling, tuition issues, accessibility, anti-racism, food issues, fair trade, built gardens, and much more. It keeps things interested in the always changing world of OPIRG. (check out our history blog to see for yourself!)
You can always drop in at our weekly cup o connections for a coffee and chat about your working group ideas.