Environment Hamilton and Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy (HARE) are looking for volunteers to help us bring an exciting new program to Hamilton.

The residential sector is responsible for 30% of Hamilton’s energy use. Imagine the energy – and money – that could be saved if home energy upgrades were more accessible!

The good news? There is a way!

How? Through local improvement charges, or LICs. These are long term, low interest rate loans provided by the municipality and placed on your property tax bill. No payment upfront!

LICs are already available in the City of Toronto. We need public support to bring an LIC program for home energy efficiency projects to Hamilton to provide homeowners here with an opportunity to lower their utility bills too. We will be going door-to-door in mid July, sharing information with residents and encouraging them to contact their Ward Councillor to ask them to bring LICs for home energy retrofits to Hamilton.

Are you interested in volunteering? There will be a volunteer training session onSaturday, June 28th at 2-4pm at Laidlaw Memorial United Church (155 Ottawa Street North) to provide you with all of the details you need to help with our effort to promote energy conservation in Hamilton!

To sign up to volunteer, please contact Joy at jliu@environmenthamilton.org or at (905) 549-0900

For more information about LICs and how they work visit: http://ehsavesenergy.wordpress.com/local-improvement-charges/