Ana Henriques has an article in the latest issue of H Magazine, featuring the Women of Tlamcazapa, Mexico and “the art of the palm” otherwise known as traditional basket weaving.

A traveling art exhibit featuring the women and their handicrafts, as well as an accompanying art exhibit, will be stopping in Hamilton this month (watch for dates and locations here).

You will have an opportunity to meet some of the weavers at a discussion and basket weaving demonstration, and a chance to view the art exhibit.

From the article, Yar Mohammed Taraky, a Hamilton resident and artist who spent time in Tlamacazapa says about the women:

“They are not heroes — heroes are powerful, have power. These women are powerless, not in power at all and are very weak. They are abused by their relatives, brothers, fathers, husbands.”

[image is “Woman Carrying Water” by Yar Mohammed Taraky]

So pick up a copy of H Magazine in town, and watch for the soon to be released details about the art exhibit.