The OPIRG Board of Directors supported a humanitarian delivery of much needed supplies to Haiti, organized by McMaster grad student Kevin Edmonds. Thank you Kevin for doing this great work with such practical benefits to those in need!

“Thank you so much for OPIRG’s donation. I was able to buy several cases of oral rehyration salts and water purification tablets to take down to Haiti. We distributed these items amongst two different women’s groups who lived in the camps. They were very grateful for it, and will no doubt save the lives of the people who took them. The trip was very sobering and informative, can’t wait to organize a report back with OPIRG’s help. Thanks again to everyone at OPIRG McMaster.”

Kevin Edmonds 

Kevin is a graduate student in the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition at McMaster. He was part of an election observation team organized by the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (

Kevin’s writing:–don-t-blame-haitians-for-election-fiasco

(views expressed are solely the author’s)