Hi guys! I’m Jonathan Valencia, I’m currently enrolled in Honours Kinesiology at McMaster, I’m a very easy going and friendly person, as well as a bit of a “health-nut”, but most importantly I’m very passionate about the environment. As of May 2n I have began working with Randy Kay on the Air Quality Pilot Project where our main focus is on the Keith neighborhood in downtown Hamilton which is one of the urban areas most highly affected by air pollution due to its close proximity to the industrial part of the city. We are targeting this issue with a simple solution, planting trees! Trees have been shown to reduce pollution substantially and so we will be informing and promoting the already existing street tree program that is run by the city of Hamilton. Although the main focus here is to reduce the adverse effects of pollution on human health, this project will also help reduce climate change in a small way. It is the accumulation of small actions such as these that will get the planet back on track, and I’m happy to do my part!