A call -out for a local effort to open a cooperative grocery store in Hamilton:

Help secure our location:  we need 30 more members and $40,000 in investments! 

The first day of our new 30 & 40 Campaign yielded 10 new members and $6,000 in investments. This means we’re getting close to our decision thresholds for committing to a store Location and hiring a Project Manager. By joining NOW, you help launch Hamilton’s cooperative local foods grocery. If you are already a member, thanks & please share this email with your friends! 

Membership details are here: http://mustardseed.coop/membership Or further invest in our cooperative business: http://mustardseed.coop/investingfaq/

By joining now, you make great progress possible!
Locally yours,The Mustard Seed Co-op http://mustardseed.coop/