Invitation to:
“Gold Fever” movie screening: Tues. Sept. 10th, 7 to 8:30 Chester New Hall, 104.

(from Rights Action) – Tragic and inspiring, Gold Fever witnesses the arrival of the Canadian mining giant Goldcorp Inc. to a remote Guatemalan region.  500 years after the European conquistadors invaded, and still reeling from decades of US-backed repression, the Mayan Mam region of San Miguel Ixtahuacán is caught at the front lines of an increasingly globalized world.  Meanwhile, in the global north, fearful investors flock to gold. 
Commentators Noam Chomsky, Magalí Rey Rosa and “economic hitman” John Perkins draw connections between the global forces of Wall Street and the harms and violations suffered by the people of San Miguel Ixtahuacan. 

Winner of the Rigoberta Mechú Grand Prix at the 2013 Montreal First Peoples Festival, Gold Fever is a hard-hitting documentary about the destruction and exploitation of transnational mining.  Together with members of their divided communities, and in the face of grave consequences, campesina women Diodora, Crisanta and Gregoria resist the threats to their families, communities and ancestral lands.

Hosted by the Guatemalan Solidarity Working Group. -opirg.  905-525-9140, ext. 23789.