Here’s the scoop on OPIRG working groups – each term OPIRG takes applications for Working Groups (note: returning Working Groups must re-apply each year.) The deadline for first term is Friday, September 23 – you can print off an application from our web site or pick one up at our office in MUSC 229 – there are some at the door in the hallway. You can even use the form as a guideline and e-mail it to

OPIRG working groups get free training in Consensus Decision Making and Anti-Racism which is scheduled for Saturday, September 24 from 9:30 to 3:00 in MUSC 311. This is open to all, you don’t have to be involved in a working group, but working group volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend. (we buy lunch).

Once in a working group, volunteers direct the group using consensus process and the groups can invent their own ways to their goal. It can (should) be an exciting and creative adventure on the path to a better world. Support from the OPIRG office is always available. Working groups get a budget of $150 and potentially more.

You can check out the working group guide on line (pdf), it’s chock full of insightful tips and context.

If you just want to attend events and not be active in a working group, that’s always an option. So is coming in to the office to use our resource library, or to get some fair trade coffee, chocolate or tea.

Feel free to contact Randy with any questions, etc. at 905-525-9140 ext. 26026 or