Myron Groover, Archives and Rare Books Librarian at OPIRG McMaster
L-R Myron, Tyler (History intern), Wes (GOAL working group volunteer)
L-R Wes, Myron, Tyler

We had a very informative (as always) session Tuesday with Myron Groover, Archives and Rare Books Librarian from McMaster’s Archives and Research Collections, about ways to preserve institutional history using best practices.

It’s a big transition to move from entirely paper files to digital, but not digitizing presents its own problems, as Canada is learning the hard way.

By sharing his passionate professional knowledge with our volunteers and interns we are able to help them build real life skills and gain practical experience.

This sort of collaboration, and the spirit of engagement so clearly expressed in joyful sharing, makes us all stronger, and happier!

Thank you Myron for your ongoing support and enthusiasm!