Hello, my name is Adam, a political science student from McMaster, and I am currently running an advocacy campaign on local foods. One aspect of this campaign deals with identifying the number of local food products that the Fortinos grocery store on Main St. West carries.

The purpose of identifying the number of local foods that Fortinos carries is to build up a case that will be presented to corporate that is intended to sell them on the idea that Fortinos should highlight their selection of local food products with clear signage.

I am looking for volunteers that will come with me to Fortinos on Tuesday May 24th to go through the aisles and identify which foods come from Ontario and then to track these food products in a planner that will be provided.

I will be there from 9:00am -5:30 pm on Tuesday and if you can make it for the whole day that would great, but if you can only make for a part of the day that is perfectly fine as well. We will have a 45-minute lunch break at 12, in which free food will be provided for all volunteers. Also, all volunteers will be provided with a thank you letter that they can include in their resume.

If you are interested in food, local food, and sustainability this is a great volunteer opportunity. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me and if you would like to sign up to volunteer email me as well. My email is chiaraam@mcmaster.ca. I am very excited to hear back from you!

(lost in the supermarket: the clash)