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Funding and Membership

OPIRG’s core funding comes from full-time undergraduate students, in the form of a $5.50 refundable levy for the 2018-2019 academic year. All full-time undergraduate students are automatically members. If you do not wish to support OPIRG McMaster, you can claim a full refund by bringing your student card to the OPIRG office during the three weeks after the completion of the drop and add period, when your student status has been finalized. 

Members can access the resource library, borrow equipment, attend workshops and events for free, vote at our Annual General Meeting, and are eligible to run for the OPIRG McMaster Board of Directors.

Anyone who is not full-time at McMaster is welcome to join OPIRG as a Community Member for a sliding scale $10-20 fee.

Opt out for 2018 ended October 4.

Opting out of the OPIRG McMaster fee - $5.50 per year.

Please log in with your email account. Details on how the refund will be administered will be sent to you by email.

This is our first year with an online opt-out option. Please feel free to comment on how the process is from a user experience so we can improve. If you have any questions about your fee, OPIRG McMaster or anything related to your opt-out, please feel free to contact us or drop by the Resource Centre.

Opt out for 2018 ended October 4.


Since 1995, OPIRG McMaster has been a place for students to explore social and environmental concerns, with a goal of making a positive impact. With few barriers to taking action, we have been at the forefront of many issues like Fair Trade, Sustainable Transportation, Waste Reduction, and, well, here’s a selection:


Student led projects seeking to make a difference


OPIRG is here to support students taking action on public interest projects. Working in volunteer teams, students learn to work toward an impactful outcome, with the support of OPIRG’s staff, board, and volunteers.


Events, Workshops, Opportunities

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