Keith McHenry, one of the original founders of the now global movement known as Food Not Bombs! spoke about his long and ongoing involvement taking food that would otherwise be thrown out, and cooking it into vegan and vegetarian meals. The food is then served at a public location free to anyone, regardless of income or social standing.
For this, and his nonviolent resistance to war and poverty (for as he points out, 50 cents of every tax dollar in the U.S. goes toward the military and not affordable housing, food, etc.) he has been arrested over a hundred times.
But the local idea he helped create has spread from it’s first home in Boston, to now encompass over 1,000 local Food Not Bombs! chapters across the world.
Hamilton has had several versions of FNB in the city over the years, supported by OPIRG McMaster. Currently there is no operating chapter in the city, though the need exists.
We will post audio of McHenry’s talk at McMaster in the next week or so.