Mission Statement 

A strategic plan process that started with MBA students in 2009 recommending OPIRG McMaster develop clear mission-vision-value statement was at last steered through a great process at the Board of Directors and – shall we say – mission achieved

Resource Centre Re-Design

The days of one person/one desk are over: with only 269 square feet of space in the student centre, a re-vision of how we use the space was in order. One table will replace three desks and free up space for more versatile uses of the resource centre. Let’s call this phase one of an ongoing upgrade.

Board Presentation to SRA

A Board committee from OPIRG put together a stunning presentation and were well received by the McMaster Student Union’s Student Representative Assembly and the MSU Finance Committee. OPIRG is fulfilling our mission with full transparency and accountability.

Climate March – Fossil Free McMaster and Food Not Bombs

Not everyday do two of our hard working working groups end up at a big rally together, but at Hamilton’s Climate March Fossil Free McMaster and Food Not Bombs rubbed shoulders with concerned citizens about a pressing issue.

Making Connections Week

Robyn Ocean proved that we can keep this September week lively and amazing, and of course providing quality connections between students and the larger issues in the communities around us. Over 17 amazing events in one week.

Honourable Mentions

Guest bloggersReyna Matties blogged about research in Parking Lot M and Wesley Kerfoot posted about ways to improve Internet Safety – both well received and popular posts!

Working Groups in general, MISCA, Threadwork, Global Citizenship Coalition, CVA and others contributed engaging events involving important issues and activities in first semester.

This very subjective list (in no particular order) probably misses key things: let us know if there were key OPIRG McMaster moments for you in term one.