OPIRG’s Working Groups checked in after a term of working to get things done on their particular area of focus. This feedback helps our Coordinator of Volunteers evaluate and make improvements. The full feedback form will be shared later, but for now an exercise in initial responses to the question “What could OPIRG do to help you succeed that we are not doing?”

Responses fall into 2 categories: nothing, and something.


  1. Not much it’s just been a tough semester to be as active I’ve liked to have been.
  2. doing great!
  3. OPIRG is already doing a lot!
  4. Currently, everything is under control.
  5. Cannot think of anything
  6. Nothing, OPIRG as it stands has been exceptionally helpful to our group


  1. Help advertise working groups for new members
  2. Need to develop better communications strategy for group. I cannot do it all on my own.
  3. Provide info on how to access advertising resources such as posters and other material.
  4. Attend group meetings.
  5. more networking meetings?
  6. Add finance information to the wiki
So, the “Something” list is where we go to tune-up. I’ll respond to each one with a preliminary attempt to address concerns, and we will have more opportunity to discuss when working groups meet in person in January 10 (at 1:00pm) to network. From the Something list:
  1. This can be done via our web site and social media, as well as posters, and class visits. Each working group has access to the web site to upload events and meetings, so hopefully groups are making good use of the web site calendar. We will also have the opportunity to learn more about publicity and outreach at a late January workshop (do your doodle!)
  2. Hopefully the January workshop on publicity and outreach can help with communications strategy! Also, a good thing to discuss at the working group networking meeting Jan. 10
  3. This one should be answered on the Working Group WIKI “how do I?” page – there’s info there about room requests, OPIRG’s budget (but still waiting for the working group budget spreadsheet), display tables, banners, posters, and online calendars. If the info you are looking for isn’t there, let me know what you require!
  4. Invite me! I (Randy) am eager to come and talk OPIRG with you and your volunteers! 
  5. This is a common request, although not all groups may feel the need, it is a great opportunity to share info and support each other while making connections. The goal is at least two official networking meetings in second term, hopefully more if there is interest shown. There are also less formal drop-ins at the OPIRG Resource Centre on Thursdays (Cup-O-Connections)
  6. This request has gone to the OPIRG board of directors, and we are waiting for their response. The goal is to have a google sheet embedded on the wiki so groups can view their current budget money in real time, rather than the current practice of sending monthly pdfs via e-mail. It’s obviously something the groups want.
Thank you to the working group volunteers who filled out the survey and provided excellent feedback. Your responses will help ensure an even better second term!