Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved as a volunteer?2018-09-12T00:27:02-04:00

There are many ways students and community members can become active citizens through OPIRG. Our general volunteer category is built with students in mind, so there are ad hoc opportunities that fit neatly into busy schedules. We put volunteers to work on a wide range of tasks through our volunteer program, from creating content for our blog, to helping staff the Resource Centre.

There are a range of opportunities for students to build skills (and your resume) with us, besides sharing your talents to help OPIRG McMaster support students active on important public interest issues.

Apart from being a general volunteer, individuals can also join a public interest project team, or join our board of directors.

How do I become an OPIRG member?2018-10-14T15:24:16-04:00

Full-time McMaster undergraduates are automatically members since they pay a refundable levy from their student fees. Students can opt out of the fee during the three weeks after drop and add.

Anyone who is not full time at McMaster is able to join OPIRG as a Community Member for an annual fee on a sliding scale starting at $10.

What do I get as an OPIRG member?2018-10-14T15:24:27-04:00

Members can sign material out from our resource library, attend free skill development workshops, vote at our Annual General Meeting, and are eligible to run for the OPIRG McMaster Board of Directors.

Members/volunteers gain valuable experience and will be supported with references for their contributions as they seek opportunities.

How do I opt out of my OPIRG fee?2018-10-14T15:24:39-04:00

Full-time McMaster undergraduates who do not wish to support OPIRG can receive a full refund by filling out an online form on the OPIRG website for three weeks after the September Drop and Add period ends.

We, of course, encourage students to learn more about what we do before deciding to opt-out, we are always happy to take your questions and listen to any concerns.

How do I take action on an important issue?2018-10-14T15:24:50-04:00

Students can apply to start a Public Interest Project with OPIRG each term. We have over 20 years of important student-identified campaigns making a difference. Of course, you can always join an existing project team.

If you are organizing an event and want OPIRG’s help, campus and community groups can apply for support online. Our board of directors reviews applications and determines the level of support.

Can I use your button maker?2019-11-11T16:19:10-05:00

Of course! Start by visiting our Equipment Lending page, where you’ll see how to book the button maker and you’ll find templates for your button art. Small buttons are 20 cents, and bigger ones are 25. We also have other equipment that is available to borrow.

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