Bill C-23, the ironically named “Fair Elections” Act is a bill that will dangerously change how, and if, some Canadians can participate in our democracy. If passed, this act will see US style voter suppression imposed on Canadians and is clearly targeted youth and students, poor people, seniors, Aboriginal people and other marginalized groups.

The “Fair Elections Act” eliminates key provisions of our current election system – including vouching and voter ID cards – which could deprive as many as 520,000 Canadians of their right to vote. The Act will also muzzle Elections Canada, cancelling voter education and engagement programs like Student Vote.

A national day of action is planned for Saturday, April 26, 2014.

We will be rallying 1pm at the Federal Building, 55 Bay St N. Hamilton ON

There might be some rain – so bring umbrellas! 
Check out the facebook event: