Experiential Learning Program

About the Program

The OPIRG McMaster Experiential Learning Program gives McMaster undergraduate
students the opportunity to complete a short-term project for a community-based
organization and receive a stipend for their work.
OPIRG partners with community-based organizations that align with its mission to
create a short-term student project. A job posting is then released to McMaster
undergraduate students. Successful applicants are connected to the partner organization
and receive mentorship over a set timeline (e.g., 60 hours over 6-8 weeks) to complete their

Once the project is complete, the student submits their deliverables to the partner
organization and receives their stipend from OPIRG (ranging from $1000 to $5,000).
The Experiential Learning Program gives students an opportunity to gain real-world skills
while being compensated for their work. Meanwhile, partner organizations gain the
opportunity to pursue a project with highly motivated and capable students, at no cost
of their own. Organizations also have the opportunity to develop long-term relationships
with OPIRG and set up recurring Experiential Learning Placement opportunities.