September 17 - 12:00 am


October 7 - 12:00 am


OPIRG McMaster


Since 1995, OPIRG McMaster has engaged students and the community in exchanging ideas and taking action on diverse social justice and environmental issues.  Although classes are online, OPIRG will be more active than ever!  OPIRG is hosting a number of online events this year, including film screenings, guest speaker sessions and training workshops.  As always, students can apply for funding to become Public Interest Projects (PIPs) and turn their social advocacy ideas into reality.  They can also get involved in a number of volunteer opportunities, including helping to plan a community garden on campus or conducting research to inform OPIRG’s advocacy.  PIPs are always in need of volunteers as well.  Check out OPIRG’s website for more details.

Every year, students have the option to opt-out of OPIRG McMaster’s $5.50 fee levy, if they do not wish to retain their annual membership.  In order to opt-out, students will be able to fill out an online form, found on the OPIRG website between September 17 and October 7.  The information will be submitted to the university administration to process refunds.  Please note that only full-time undergraduate students are eligible for a refund.  If you have any questions about OPIRG McMaster, what we do, the benefits of membership, or how to opt-out, please feel free to contact us at