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Workshop: Make Your Own Zine!

Description: Looking for an artistic yet practical way of self-expression? Try out zines! They are handmade, self-published and informal mini-magazines, where you can let out your thoughts, feelings, stories or even interest in a topic. The zine culture holds historical significance as it has been used to challenge the status quo and has developed communities around sharing.

At this workshop, design your very own zine with the provided markers, paper, scissors, and magazines. Learn tips and tricks on zine making. No level of artistic experience required as they can be text and/or image-based.

Facilitator: Zeynep Yilmaz is a third year Political Science student at McMaster University, specializing in Public Law and Judicial Studies. She started receiving art education at a young age in England, from the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. She continued her studies in Ghana and Nigeria. Her artworks have been showcased in exhibitions around the world, including Malaysia’s Prime Minister’s personal exhibition, “Tun M: A Forever Legacy” (Kuala Lumpur), “Intercultural Fine Art Competition” (Accra) organized by Ghana National Peace Council (where she was the second-place recipient), and McMaster Innovation Park (Hamilton). She has a special interest in Ebru, a technique of water marbling, that she performs in cultural festivals/celebrations.

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