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OPIRG McMaster and Cinema Politica present:

Iglu: Angirraq [House: Home] by Mosha Folger

An exploration of the meaning of the concept of housing, and its constant companion homelessness, in the Inuit communities in Canada’s North

2018  ·  45m  ·  Canada
English, Inuktitut, English subtitles

Free admission, free pizza


If you don’t look too closely, life in Canada’s North can seem peaceful, serene… For the Inuit, who very recently moved from Igluvigait (Igloos) and tents, housing can still be seen as ephemeral, temporary. When you do look closer, you see many people who grew up in, and sometimes still live in, matchbox houses and other failed architectural attempts to house people in a land that is frozen and dark for much of the year. What does the concept of housing, and it’s constant companion homelessness, mean in this place, to these people?
Mosha Folger has touched on the topic of homelessness and housing among Inuit in different artistic ways. With Iglu:Angirraq (House:Home), a new mid-length documentary co-produced with his partner Karen Beddard, he explores the issue in his hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut. Talking with people who are experiencing the many facets of this on-going crisis, and speaking with politicians and other locals, Iglu:Angirraq takes a hard, but personal, careful, and painstaking look at a core barrier in the growth of Nunavut.

Truth and reconciliation film event poster JOIN US AT BSB B136 FROM 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM Film Title: IGLU: ANGIRRAO HOUSE: HOME] Thursdav, November 17, 2022 WE ARE SERVING PIZZA

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