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Paint the Park in Your Image!

The Corktown Community Paint-in is a one-time event featuring an art tutorial from a local artist where participants will paint a self-portrait on canvas, conveying what they love about the Corktown community. Food and beverages, locally sourced from downtown Hamilton businesses, will be served to attendees.

On event day, the paint session will draw visitors from the Corktown neighbourhood and nearby communities. The event will create space for residents to express themselves through art and connect with each other. Through the art medium, attendees can engage meaningfully with the goal of self-expression and relationship building without the constraints of language, education level and ability.

The high foot traffic in the area will organically translate into economic activity for the surrounding businesses. All businesses collaborating for the event will be advertised to encourage local consumerism.

After the event, the artworks will be installed on a large chain-link fence at Corktown park. The installation will transform the industrial-looking fences into a feature that is a vibrant presentation of the community.

their art will act as a permanent mark on the space and foster a sense of belonging

For residents who attended the event, their art will act as a permanent mark on the space and foster a sense of belonging. Residents who did not attend will still feel a sense of ownership as they may relate to the sentiments expressed in the art. Overall, the aesthetic display will generate attraction to the space.

With the help of the Main Street Community Activator Placemaking program, the Corktown Community Paint-in will help unite and connect all residents of Corktown while creating feelings of community and belonging.

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