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  1. Land Acknowledgement
    1. I would like to take this time to recognize that we are currently on the traditional territory shared between the Haudenosaunee (ho – din – oh – show – knee) confederacy and the Anishinabe (ah – nih – shih – nah – bai) nations, which was acknowledged in the Dish with One Spoon wampum belt. That wampum uses the symbolism of a dish to represent the territory, and one spoon to represent that the people are to share the resources of the land and only take what they need.
  2. Approve meeting minutes from November 6th
  3. Presentation from Clara Bulhoes for the Smartsteps organization
  4. Plan for the SRA Presentation on November 25th
  5. Funding for the Ad Astra Comix Project: how much funding to provide?
  6. Help the Student Wellness Centre by facilitating programming at McMaster’s first Thrive Week (from Monday, February 4th to Friday, February 8th, 2019.)
  7. Look at Provincial Policy and Bylaw document
  8. In-camera meeting re. HR

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