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On May 1st you are invited to the annual anti-capitalist Mayday Block Party & March – a working class holiday celebrating the rich spirit of resistance in Hamilton and around the world.

Because this past year has seen such a mass proliferation of racism, gentrification, nationalism, misogyny, transphobia, fascism, and other forms of intolerable politics, this Mayday we are preparing for something even more rowdy and festive than years past. So many of us feel alienated and humiliated in our attempts to survive under capitalism, we feel disempowered by the horrific stories streaming off our news feeds, and we feel terrified about where this world is going. And yet, this is also a moment of increasing resistance and intensifying struggle. What matters most right now is that we can come together in the spirit of solidarity and show each other that we are strong, and that we will continue to fight no matter what.

Capitalism does not control our bodies, though it tries everyday.
Colonization has not killed this land, though it’s taken so much.
Rich people haven’t completely overtaken our neighborhoods, though they bully us everyday with their bankrolls. We are still alive, and we can still be ungovernable. We struggle as working class people, as racialized people, as gendered and as dis-abled people. Let’s keep finding ways to struggle together.

Indigenous folks have been holding down the struggle on this land for over 500 years, and it is with humility and gratitude that we strive to support and carry on that work. As with everything we do in this city, we acknowledge that our celebration will be happening on the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee, Anishnaabeg, and Attawandaron peoples.

Mayday began in the 1880s with anarchists, communists, socialists, and others, fighting and dying for the 8-hour workday, a small but significant push back against capitalism’s domination of our lives. That struggle continues to this day on many fronts, and just as there were brave folks back then willing to stand up and fight, today our communities are filled with people who survive, resist, and defy everyday. Already this year in Hamilton we have seen people come together in solidarity with Muslim people under attack, with trans people being dehumanized, and with working-class neighbourhoods facing displacement.

In the tradition of Mayday and working-class struggles around the world, we invite you to join us for a festive celebration of resistance. This year we are planning for a theatrical, diverse, festive and rowdy evening. An evening where we can talk to each other, celebrate together, and take up space together. So much space has been taken up by rich gentrifiers, by racist trolls, and by deranged politicians. We need to take back as much space as possible, to fight for every inch of liberated time and space that we can carve out.

3:30pm – Beasley Park Block Party
7:30pm – Masquerade March

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