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Have a say in the City of Hamilton’s Complete, Livable, Better (CLB) Streets Design Manual by learning more at the Engage Hamilton website, and taking their survey before February 24/2022.

Take the City of Hamilton CLB Streets Survey

The City of Hamilton is developing a Complete, Livable, Better (CLB) Streets Design Manual. This manual will provide a set of consistent guidelines and tools to inform the design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of CLB Streets across the city. The purpose of this manual is to:

  • Encourage designs that better balance considerations for the different transportation modes that share streets;
  • Focus on enhancing road safety, and;
  • Design streets to address the transportation requirements and placemaking functions of surrounding areas.

The manual is being developed in two phases in 2020 and 2021, and stakeholders are invited to provide their input to help inform the project.

What are Complete Livable Better (CLB) Streets?

Complete Streets(External link) are streets that are safe for everyone: people who walk, bicycle, take transit, or drive, and people of all ages and abilities. Complete, Livable, Better (CLB) Streets are Hamilton’s version of Complete Streets.
The CLB Streets approach is a shift away from traditional design that prioritizes the movement of motor vehicles. A CLB Street is also a public space that equitably considers the needs of all road users. Through proper design, CLB Streets can improve safety, accessibility, connectivity, sense of place and the public realm overall.

While CLB Street design varies based on the context of the street, typical design features include speed management, enhancing crossing treatments, managing the various demands for the use of curbside space, allocating space for active transportation and adding streetscaping elements such as seating, lighting and trees. The application of an All Ages & Abilities lens is also an important component of CLB Streets.

CLB streets have been referenced in several Hamilton planning documents for over a decade, including our Urban (2009) and Rural (2006) Official Plans. Hamilton’s 2018 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) established a policy directive to operationalize CLB Streets and highlighted the need for a CLB Streets Design Manual.

Read more and take the survey at Engage Hamilton https://engage.hamilton.ca/clbstreets

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