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Speaker:  Anupam Bagchi

The reality of climate change is upon the world as has become obvious with recent fires, floods and droughts worldwide.  The impact of climate change in South Asia will be particularly devastating because of high population density, melting of glaciers, reliance on monsoons and rise of sea levels.  Knowing the facts and dealing with the issues proactively will make the pain more bearable and therefore we all have to inform ourselves.

The objectives of the forum include:

  1.  To involve the South Asian community of Hamilton in Climate Change issues.
  2.  To help reduce the carbon footprints of individuals.
  3.  To generate awareness of the reality and adaptation needs of the global crises which is already upon us, specifically in South Asia.

Admission Free / Everyone Welcome

Sponsored by OPIRG McMaster

In Assocation With:

Hamilton Malayalee Samajam-Youth Group, Hindu Heritage Council of Canada, India Canada Society, South Asian Heritage Association of Hamilton & Region, The Malhar Group

Contact Us:  opirg@mcmaster.org / MUSC 229 / 905-525-9140 ext. 27289 / opirgmcmaster.org

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