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Established in 2017 by two McMaster University medical school alumni, and their family, the Climate Change and Health Innovation Award is intended to recognize students who have achieved excellence in creating an innovative solution that positively impacts climate change and health. The Award has been developed to encourage interdisciplinary team work and collaboration, as well as foster the kind of diverse and inclusive leadership that is required to address complex sustainability challenges in our society.

Award Value: $5,000 (to be evenly divided equally among all group members who have been actively involved in the project throughout its duration)

Award Requirements
Project selection will be based on merit of the project in achieving the vision of the Award as stated above. Successful applicants will be selected by an interdisciplinary evaluation committee of McMaster faculty members.

The Award is open to any group of two or more students who have completed an experiential learning project within a program offered through McMaster’s Academic Sustainability Programs (ASP) Office. Groups are encouraged to apply if they satisfy the specific requirements outlined below.

Applicants must have completed an experiential learning project as part of their participation in a program offered through McMaster’s Academic Sustainability Program (ASP) Office.

ASP Office programs include:
– The Sustainable Future Program – Sustain 1S03, 2S03, 3S03, and 4S06
– The Sustainability Internship Program
– The GUCEL Program

Applicants must clearly articulate how their project has had a positive impact on climate change and health.
– Climate change may include any one or more major sources of emission and/or sequestration.
– Health may be related to human and societal health or well-being in the broadest sense.

Recipients must have been part of an interdisciplinary group of students.
– Student group members must be from at least two different Faculties
– Groups must include two or more students
– Student group members include graduate and/or undergraduate level students, but all members must have been formal group members throughout the duration of the project.
– Group members listed must have been fully engaged in the project over the full duration of the project.

Applicants must obtain an endorsement signature from at least two individuals who have provided supervision for the duration of the project. A supervisor may include the following:
– Academic Supervisor
– Community Project Champion
– Course Instructor
– Program Director
– Course Teaching Assistant

– Print double sided
– All documents must be submitted together
– Be sure to use a header on each page of your application, which includes the name and student number of one team member
– Completed applications submitted to the Academic Sustainability Programs (ASP) Office KTH/B110 no later than 11:59 P.M. on April 30, 2018.
– Questions or Concerns? Email: whalenk@mcmaster.ca
– Incomplete and/or late packages will not be reviewed

While the ASP website is currently under constructoin, an application template will soon be available at asp.mcmaster.ca

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