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Wet’suwet’en solidarity actions, Land Back, ongoing struggles for racial and housing justice: We’ve seen these movements and ones like them unfold around us. We know the importance of and how essential political dissent is for change. But what can we do to prepare and keep each other as safe as possible? And what exactly is it like being arrested and navigating the criminal court system?

More and more we see land protectors, students, antifascists, and those working and collaborating in opposition to the state or corporations being targeted for arrest and repression. Police and those in power rely heavily on the fear induced by [potential] arrest to force compliance, civil obedience and passivity.

This workshop will ask and help you to challenge that fear by helping prepare attendees to engage in situations that may involve some level of risk or repression.

The workshop itself will be split into two; the first part will focus on basic security culture as well as practical tips and expectations for a range of demonstrations. The second part will focus on increasing awareness of your legal rights and demystifying the arrest process with the hope that participants can be more prepared and empowered to take action – even when it may involve risk.

Trish Mills is an anarchist living in the occupied territories of the Neutral [Chonnonton], Haudensaunee and Mississauga peoples, known as Hamilton, ON. She has been organizing in so-called southern Ontario for a number of years and is committed to helping build resilient communities that are capable of taking risks in the struggle for collective liberation.

Please register for the event at: https://forms.gle/sjbAnL6duQmbNGkv5.

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