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Get involved with Hamilton’s 100In1Day! This is a day where multiple neighborhoods from Barton Village, James St North downtown, to McMaster University and so many more areas that are involved in active citizenship. The purpose of this event is for the community to carry out peaceful interventions that are socially, environmentally, politically, and economically useful, in hopes to raise awareness of current issues and to create impactful changes. Some of the interventions include but not limited to:

  • walking and biking tour of Hamilton’s historical, natural and popular sites such as Bayfront Park
  • greening downtown; transforming a city through urban gardening
  • cigarette butts cleanup
  • art and culture festival on King William St downtown
  • solitary beehive making at McMaster

There will be hundreds of Hamiltonians openly discussing on what makes Hamilton important to them, and what changes they want to see within the city. Check out their website for more information

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