McMaster Chapter of Engineers Without Borders

Throughout this week we will be engaging hundreds of students on campus about our work in Africa and Canada; moreover, providing an overview about our campaign to protect Canada’s foreign aid spending. Our intention is to gather 35,000 signatures from students across Canada in the run-up to the 2014 federal budget and present to sitting MPs in Ottawa on Feb 6th 2014.

At less than 2% of the annual federal budget, Canadian aid plays a critical role in saving lives and helping millions of people worldwide pull themselves out of poverty. Whether investing in agricultural innovations to improve farming practices or training healthcare professionals to save lives, our aid dollars are making a real difference.

Here at McMaster we are trying to collect as many signatures as possible by sharing the petition online as well as having petition sheets that people can sign in person in the Student Center from 9am-4pm on Friday. We are inviting everyone to sign and share the petition and come to the Student Center on Friday, especially if they’d like to learn more about the campaign or EWB.

For more information about this national campaign, please sign and share our petition: