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  • Ralph Nader in a dark suit looking at the viewer. Quote"There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship"

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OPIRG McMaster is committed to making positive changes, and having more students engage with the political system is one important avenue. The people who are elected will have major impacts on the way we experience the world and deal with pressing issues around racism, equity, climate and more. Our video series here focuses on the local municipal government and issues in the city of Hamilton.

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Barriers of Voting in Hamilton and How They’re Dealing With It By Thanansayan Dhivagaran and Fahad Butt, OPIRG McMaster In Hamilton, voting is a complicated and multifactorial process with several barriers that hinder voter turnout and equitable access [1]. Although Hamilton’s municipal government has the most direct impact on the Hamilton community, voter turnout has remained at a low of only 38% [...]

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