Hi everyone!

I’m Gloria and your Eco-Campaign Coordinator this summer! Just a little bit about me, I’ve lived in Hamilton my entire life so if you’re ever curious about things to do, feel free to ask me! I’ve studied Geography and Environmental Sciences, with knowledge ranging from the science of soils, climate, hydrology, to the geography of health hazards found in neighborhoods, environmental assessment of a land being further developed following Ontario’s regulations, and many more. I’m passionate for the environment and entering my Masters in Sustainability Management at UTM this September, but I’ve learned to love countless elements of McMaster and the tight-knit environmental communities throughout the City of Hamilton.

What I can deliver for this role are tangible changes. I’m researching the topic of single-use plastic, such as tracing the end-of-life cycle of plastic waste exports on a local and global scale. Practically speaking, I aim to strongly encourage conventional grocery stores to rethink their plastic food packaging, and assess their recycling practices. In collaboration with like-minded individuals striving for zero plastic waste, I think we can slowly spark some change on environmental stewardship.

I look forward to learning from everyone from an interdisciplinary background, as more support will lead to more action for campaigning the reduction of plastic!