OPIRG Kingston, the National Farmer’s Union Local 316, The Partners in Mission Food Bank and The Sisters of Providence are working on a Cooperative Food Distribution Initiative in Kingston. We aim to develop a system for reclaiming fresh produce headed for the waste stream in local restaurants, grocers and institutions. This produce will supply existing food providers/meal programs. We also wish to simultaneously distribute sustainably grown local food, bought at fair prices from local farmers, to the same restaurants, grocers and institutions, as a fundraising activity for the reclamation program.

We are hiring a Coordinator for a 45 week contract to start January 28th, 2008. The position will be $21/hr at 23hrs/wk. The CFDI Coordinator will conduct a Feasibility and Development Study, conduct a Pilot of the program and more. Applications are due Monday January 14th, 4pm.

This is a grant position without benefits, unionized under CUPE 1281.

Please visit:
For more details on the project and application process. Or feel free to
contact me at info@opirgkingston.org.