Big occasions tend to bring lots of people out for a short duration – and over time great grassroots initiatives grow to become unrecognizable – Earth Day, with corporate sponsors like oil companies, for example.

There is a different approach, and it’s quieter but likely more profound: it’s the series of small events that are ongoing.  As the late great Landscape Architect and Designer Michael Hough put it:

“Successes in small things can be used to make connections to other larger and more significant ones. This is, consequently, an encouraging environmental principle to follow in bringing about change. It is, in fact, the only practical basis for doing so.”

With this thinking in mind on Earth Day a quick listing of OPIRG Working Groups with a focus on the environment making a difference:

Add in the summer project for AIR QUALITY with our RELEAF PROJECT in Ward 3, and ongoing efforts to transform a McMaster parking lot back into a functioning floodplain, and you start to see the breadth and depth of initiatives that make things a little better for the earth.

Of course, you are invited to join in!